Technology Community & Miner Ecology

Co-Build Bonus Pool : 5,000,000 EVA

EVA Grant Project Types:

  • DeFi
  • NFT
  • Protocol
  • Algorithm
  • Explorer
  • Wallet
  • Pool
  • Multi-Language
  • Platform Implementation
  • Gamefi
  • Integration
  • Tools

Quota and Required Project Schedule

Normal Project :Quota < 50000 EVA

Period:in 3 months

Mega Project :Quota: Unlimited EVA

Period:in 6 months

Social Media & KOL

Co-Build Bonus Pool:3,000,000 EVA

  • Social Media

    Promote Project Information Organize Media Events Recommend KOL Resources ≤50000 EVA/Mon
  • KOL

    Minimum Total Social Followers: 200,000+ Evaluate according to the numbers of Followers and promotional effectiveness ≤30000EVA/Mon

Community Enthusiasts

Co-Build Bonus Pool:2,000,000 EVA

Build Community Groups, Promote Project Information, Answer communities' questions Plurilingual outputs: Translate Project Documents, Video Producing, and etc