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Next Privacy Finance Ecology Protocol

A Fairer and More Trustworthy Decentralized Ecology of Next Privacy Finance

EVA is the unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecology that combines Layer0 network infrastructure and privacy computing framework & provides safe, reliable and efficient network access and encrypted financial services for the Web3.0 application and DeFi ecology.


Next Privacy Network

EVA provides privacy schemes for each step and different levels of the complete transaction process to achieve higher security of encrypted assets, based on a variety of privacy technologies.


Routing Privacy

Multi-hop private network transmission conceals routing information of both parties to the transaction and isolates their identity information.


Asset Privacy

It offers increased security for encrypted token assets and non-fungible token, and makes anonymous mechanisms available at the ledger and the account level.


Transaction Privacy

Protecting private transactions at the application layer conceals transaction contents, and allows user to view and transfer transaction contents and assets according to contract authority.

Efficient and Safe Consensus System

EVA's unique dual consensus system enables enhanced security, increased decentralization and efficiency, lower user transaction costs and superior transaction experience.


POW Hash Rate Safety

EVA using the traditional reliable POW hash rate model delivers a fairer and more stable miner community and ensure the overall network security.


Efficient Trading Network

EVA integrating a POS-based two-tier transaction collector network is more consistent with Polkadot ecology and reaches upgraded operation efficiency, guaranteeing the final consistency of transactions.

Powerful Privacy Transaction Engine

Decentralized Transaction Group

EVA presents varied decentralized private transaction groups and standard external interfaces for different tokens and non-fungible assets, and facilitates financial ecological expansion with superb scalability.


Asset Aggregation Group

EVA boasts the core components for the synthesis and dismantling of various assets, thus handing over a complete private financial derivatives solution to the customers.

Cooperative Partner

How Eva Works


2021 Q1

Layer0 Network Protocol

Private Network Protocol in Rust

Prepare for the testnet of web3 grant

2021 Q2

Private Framework

Chainbase Ready

Testnet for mining

2021 Q3

The MainNet Mining

Mainnet Launch

2021 Q4

Multi-Ecosystem DeFi

Private NFT Market in ETH/EVA

2022 Q1

Decentralized Network Service Start

Layer0 network incentive

Darkpool and bridge other blockchain

2022 Q2

Severless in Layer0

2022 Q3

MPC in Layer0